John Hanson Community School Order Form

Code Description Size How to Size Price Qty  
1) Blazers
BB3270 Boys Black Embroidered Blazer
BB3270/S Boys Embroidered Black Blazer
GB3272/J Girls Black Embroidered Blazer
GB3272/S Girls Embroidered Black Blazer
2) Jumpers
1W2 Embroidered V-neck sleeveless jumper
1W2 Embroidered sleeveless V-neck jumper
1W2 Embroidered sleeveless V-neck jumper
TRU001 Black Embroidered V-Neck Jumper
TRU001/l Black Embroidered V-Neck Jumper
TRU001/s Black Embroidered V-Neck Jumper
2) PE Kit
BS3082/BLK Black PE Shadow Shorts
STANNO-B Black PE Socks
3) Ties
TIE001 School Tie
4) Skirts and Trousers
1K8/jnr Black Jnr Boys Trousers
1K8/snr Black Snr Boys Trousers
913832/jnr Black Jnr Girls slim Trousers
913832/snr Black Snr Girls Slim Trousers
BT3051 Black Unisex Elastic Trousers
S1624/l Grey/Black Tartan Skirt(IF ROLLED IT WILL SNAP THE WAIST)
S1624/s Grey/Black Tartan Skirt (IF ROLLED IT WILL SNAP THE WAIST)
5) PE Kit
111891 1/4 Zip Training Top
TL64 Unisex Black Wicking PE Polo Shirt
6) Girls PE Kit
111888/AAAA112315 Optional Embroidered Leggings
TL68 Ladies Fit Black Wicking PE Polo Shirt
7) Boys PE Kit
814166 Black/Amber Rugby Shirt Junior Sizes
814166 Black/Amber Rugby Shirt Adult Sizes
8) Extras
BS3096 Boys Short Sleeve White Shirt Twin Pack jnr
GB3102 Girls White Short Sleeve shirts Twin Pack jnr
Gumshield1A Adult Shock Doctor Gumshield + Case (Age 12+)
Gumshield1Y Youth Shock Doctor Gumshield + Case (Age 12-)
ZR37 Black Base Layer Top