Wellington Lions Primary Academy Order Form

Code Description Size How to Size Price Qty  
1) School Uniform
SS11B white Embroidered White Polo Shirt
1WP Bespoke Navy with gold V-Neck Jumper (KS2)
273B Navy Cardigan (KS1)
762B Navy Sweatshirt (KS1)
TIE School Tie
2) PE Kit
BS3082 Navy Blue PE Shadow Shorts
575B Navy Embroidered Hooded PE Top
750B Navy Embroidered Jogging bottoms
JC001B Performance PE Top- Sapphire Blue
4) Accessories
BB1B.. lions and the den legionnaire cap
70600 Navy Printed PE Bag
QD456 Navy Printed Book Bag
4) Skirts and Trousers
1k8/jnr Boys Black Flat Front Trousers (Sizes 24-28)
1k8/snr Snr Sized Boys Grey Trousers
BT3051 Unisex Slim Fit Black Elastic Trousers
8) Extras
BS3096 Boys Short Sleeve White Shirt Twin Pack
GB3102 Girls White Short Sleeve Blouse Twin Pack
Rf3119. Embroidered Navy Jacket